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Start Information Manager (StartIM) Videos

August 5, 2017DavidGeneralComments Off on Start Information Manager (StartIM) Videos

Real Time Power presents our Start Information Manager (StartIM) for cycling combined cycle power plants.  Implementation of this software solution on any control system will give our customers the following benefits:

  • Predictability: Maximization of revenue in first hour following start up and consistent starts for the operator and trader.
  • Consistency: All start plans are thermally optimized according to predicted future state of plant using forecasted weather. Commander will allow the plant to maintain an excellent reputation for delivering consistently when called.  Excellent for new operators!
  • Standardization: regardless of different DCS and equipment across Customer’s combined cycle fleet, Commander will be able to interface with all of them to provide a standardized, predictive, and fuel saving approach to start-ups.
  • Fuel savings: the GT hold level is precisely computed based upon forecasted ambient, predicted ST metal temperatures, and system constraints.
  • Reliability: operators achieve a complete attainable plan without exceeding plant component limits that might contribute to increased plant damage.

Please see our link here for more information:

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