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Paving the Way with Predix

July 28, 2016DavidGeneralComments Off on Paving the Way with Predix

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Real Time Power attended GE’s Predix Transform 2016 this week in Las Vegas. Predix is GE’s newest platform that connects GE and Non-GE machines inside a secure cloud industrial infrastructure.

Having the capability to compute analytics and make real-time decisions within the application is one of the main factors that interested our engineers at Real Time Power to attend this conference. The industrial internet machine revolution is upon us and by keeping abreast of all the latest forms of technology and how we can best adapt them to our own artificial intelligence is important in regards to staying relevant in a field that is always changing.

Being able to use Predix to shorten the creation and utility of essential apps is a great feature. This helps our end users by minimizing down time to make updates and changes to our application modules while avoiding normal delays in a software integration environment. We are currently evaluating our existing apps which can be modified to run on GE’s cloud infrastructure

After attending the conference, Real Time Power’s key takeaways for the utilities sector are:

–         We’re interested in the single platform to integrate the various plant components in a power plant.

–         We think our deep performance knowledge of non-GE OEM gas turbines will make the platform better.

–         We think our gas turbine AirSonic ™ air mass flow measurement system will be a key sensor that can be used for better diagnostics and analytics.

–         The platform is still quite young and needs more adopters to identify improvements.

–         We are unsure that if a customer already has analytics software, enterprise dashboards, etc, how will putting it in Predix give sufficient ROI?

–         GE is 100% committed to be the leader in this area and is putting over $1B dollars of investment in this platform for next year.

–         Support and maintenance of the apps/data will still be manual in a lot cases just due to the nature that more data and analytics means more false positives and more data mining work.  We think 3rd party vendors such as Real Time Power will be able to fulfill a niche here.

–         For an inaugural conference, Predix Transform was 1st class and felt like it had been ongoing for years.

What can you see from Real Time Power while using Predix? We are currently evaluating an application that will facilitate the ease of monitoring your power plant and making real time changes to your operation schedule. Real Time Power is committed to finding ways to optimize your profits and simplify your power plant’s operational processes.

Please contact Gina Calanni at 281-971-9756 to discuss how Real Time Power can improve your production today.


Gas Power 2016 Conference

July 2, 2016DavidGeneralComments Off on Gas Power 2016 Conference

Real Time Power attended the 4th Annual Gas Power Conference in June. We showcased our new display of our AirSonic ™ and AirSonic ™ Flex which enables users to get a better idea of how the hardware would be installed in a gas turbine inlet duct. It also provides a great side by side comparison to show the difference between the AirSonic ™ and AirSonic ™ Flex in regards to installation and functionality.


Our next conference will be in San Antonio at the Combined Cycle Users Group Annual Conference on August 22 through 25th. We are looking forward to playing Top Golf with everyone and connecting with Users to discuss our AirSonic™ and how measuring the real time air mass flow rate can help your power plant run to more efficiently and enhance existing diagnostics and forecasting capability.

We will have our top engineers available to discuss the importance of measuring air mass flow rate as well as a very hot topic right now with Turbine Inlet Cooling and Thermal Energy Storage and how the Real Time Power TES Adviser can help optimize your profits while simplifying day-ahead and real time operation schedules.

For more information, please contact Gina Calanni at 281 971 9756