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Surviving Hurricane Harvey

September 14, 2017DavidGeneralComments Off on Surviving Hurricane Harvey

Thank you to all the wonderful customers and friends we have for worrying about us over here in Houston.  For sure it was something tragic for the city of Houston and surrounding areas.  Our office is located on the west side of Houston right between the two large reservoirs where all the flooding happened.  However, we escaped the water fortunately with only minor wall and floor damage in one office.

I can‘t say the same of some of our employees who had to be rescued from their homes by boat.  To the left is one of the photos of a house on the same street as our Engineering Manager.  You can see the house is not only flooded, but they forgot to turn off the main breaker before evacuating and the result is that second floor burned.






Take a look at the rainfall totals for previous tropical systems and you can see that our area received a lot of water!








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