Real Time Power

In a typical CCGT plant, a plant operator has to perform hundreds of actions during a start up. For a coal-fired plant, start up requires around five hundred actions.

When operating as a merchant plant, being able to ensure consistently accurate and reliable start ups creates a positive impact from a performance and commercial perspective for both operators and traders alike. Real Time Power’s AirSonic IQ and STARTIM Software will ensure that the MW profile submitted to the Grid will be generated accurately and efficiently.


Trader Benefits

  • Profiles optimized to local market rules to avoid penalties
  • Precise day ahead startup forecast for duration and cost
  • No need to worry about cold, hot, or warm start profiles
  • Immediate start recovery options
  • Real Time communication with plant during startup.

Plant Operator Benefits


  • Startup curves automatically generated for any start condition
  • Best operator knowledge preserved in every start
  • New operators train faster
  • Cost avoidance due to early or late starts
  • Startups and Shutdowns can be fully automated

See how  STARTIM can offer these and other features for your plant!