Real Time Power

At Real Time Power, we are experts at helping you properly forecast power output of combined cycle power plants. We distinguish ourselves by not relying on outdated models but instead utilize our Real Time AirSonicIQ Monitoring Solution combined with our GT AirSonic Air Mass Flow Measurement to provide the most reliable information. Consequently, we are able to capture the true REAL TIME capability of your unit and accurately forecast the hourly low and high load for the plant. These forecasts can be configured in any combination with any type of real time constraints that might exist.

airsonic with probeWe can provide forecasts with a software only model, however, our expertise includes our own measurement of inlet flow rate through the CC unit in addition to the many instrumentation readings available from the DCS. This enables us to create two reliable models.  One, a high fidelity thermodynamic model that can account for real time component degradation or failures, and the other a more simplified statistical model, both utilizing self-learning algorithms for a true artificially intelligent system.

Accurate Forecasting with AirSonicAccuracy is maintained by running at least two models in parallel, to alert the system if one model has failed in some manner.  We are able to bypass traditional complex modeling of the HRSG and ST, with more robust, yet greatly simplified models that provide very accurate power forecasts based from the exhaust energy flow of the gas turbine(s) (air flow rate, fuel flow rate, and exhaust gas temperature).

Here are some of our customer examples:

  • Forecasting maximum load with a GT back-pressure constraint in the HRSG
  • Forecasting maximum load with reduced condenser performance
  • Forecasting minimum load based on CO permit for night running
  • Forecasting maximum load with Thermal Energy Storage tanks
  • Forecasting maximum load in various plant running configurations

No forecast is 100% accurate, but at Real Time Power, we consistently measure ourselves and performance at a high level.  We understand that missing MW’s or too many MW’s cost the customer money.  Through our support agreements, we help maintain the system and as well support both the plant and traders when needed.