Real Time Power


CFD Analysis

Many of our customers rely on Real Time Power for the Computational Fluid Analysis (CFD) of their technologies as part of their research and development, and proofs of concept.
We configure industry standard simulation software such as Fluent, CFX, and Solidworks and  apply the critical and necessary empirical data from the many AirSonic systems installed in the field to drive more accurate results.

Gas Turbine Performance Test Support

Ask about temporary flow instrumentation installation for your next gas turbine or plant performance test.  Our kits include a RTP Engineer.  Typical installation time is two days.  Depending on the duct, some welding/cutting may be required for first use as well as customized mounts. The ultrasonic system can be converted to a permanent installation which provides the customer with year round performance monitoring.

Modeling Studies

Our engineers design individualized software solutions based on customer needs. Our thermodynamic and thermochemical models are currently under implementation in chemical plants such as Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical.

Root Cause Analysis

At Real Time Power, we accurately create thermodynamic models of each of our customer’s plants. Whether it is a Coal Plant, 2×1 Combined Cycle, or Simple Cycle, we analyze each plant and create the models needed to monitor and forecast in real time.

Our focus is to provide value to our customers by helping analyze and optimize their plants’ performance.