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Simplifying Thermal Energy Storage while Optimizing Profits

July 22, 2016DavidGeneralComments Off on Simplifying Thermal Energy Storage while Optimizing Profits


Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems are key players in increasing gas-turbine-powered plants profitability and improving the reliability of operation on the distribution grid. By using a TES system, plants can exploit daily pricing patterns to chill water in off-peak hours and then provide turbine inlet-air cooling in peak demand periods to boost output and improve heat rate.

Any power plant that utilizes a TES system will be able to quantify the monetary benefits immediately. However, California’s AB 2514 Storage policy is in action and is requiring the California Public Utilities Commission to create a commercially viable energy storage system for the state’s investor-owned utilities (IOUS) and to be in full effect by 2020. Although, this is the first law nationwide that is making it mandatory to have an energy storage system in effect, we may see more plans like this showing up in other states as well.

TES optimization is performed by maximizing the cash flow derived from chilled-water resources while respecting the plants’ physical and operational constraints. Real Time Power’s adaptive and intelligent TES Advisor (TESA) Solution provides an easy and simplified operation schedule for day-ahead and real time bids which takes away the guess work of dispatchers and plant operators.

With TESA, operators and dispatchers are shown the appropriate gas turbine inlet temperature set point as well as the recommended chilled water tank operation mode and are sent directly to the operators’ DCS.

TESA is the missing link to your power plant’s success with thermal energy storage and greatly simplifies a very complex system.

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