Real Time Power


imageWith thousands of starts and stops under its belt since 2002, STARTIM makes startups and shutdowns more consistent, predictable, and profitable for combined cycle power plants.

STARTIM will forecast and execute the best start for any configuration of your plant. You will now be able to start or stop the plant exactly on time, not too early, not too late, and enjoy the satisfaction that our automation makes it a very repeatable process that helps newer operators out as well.

+ Benefits for plant operators

While an automated start up means that plant operators can trust that the required schedule will be efficiently executed, it also frees up the operator to concentrate on executing manual controls and fine tuning the process.

STARTIM has the facility to view the start up as a MW trend, showing the planned MW profile and the evolving generated MW or the detailed procedure presented as a Gant chart. Additional tools provide access to the current values of all the variables of the process, such as operating temperatures, pressures and flow as well as calculated values used within STARTIM. Although the system is automated, it is also important for operators that they can manually intervene at any time in the start up procedure, as for example, when they need to manually work around temporary equipment issues such as having fewer vacuum pumps available.

For new plant operators who are not experienced or operators coming on to a new shift, STARTIM ensures that the start ups are consistent and efficient, thus preventing human error and exposing the new operator to best practice from day one.

Another nice feature of STARTIM allows for automatic profile transition execution between 1-on-1 to 2-on-1 starts or 2-on-1 to 1-on-1 shutdowns. STARTIM will automatically come up with the correct blending of the steam turbine and CT based on the predicted plant thermal condition based on the forecasted weather.

+ Benefits for traders

When using STARTIM, traders in the marketing department are able to create an optimal start up schedule, giving the best commercial value when evaluating fuel and electricity prices. As both the trader and operator can see the same start up profile, the solution provides a constant communication link between the two parties which increases operational effectiveness and ultimately enhances the enterprise’s capability to react to commercial market opportunities.

Being able to perform consistent and reliable start ups impacts a plant’s level of availability which forms part of a virtuous cycle, resulting in increased selection for operational duty by the Grid regulator.

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