Real Time Power

AirSonic™ is our Unique and Proprietary Mass Flow Rate measurement technology. It is specifically engineered to work over the entire operational range of Industrial Gas Turbines (ALSTOM, GE, MHI, Siemens). AirSonic™ is accurate, reliable, and industrially robust, giving you confidence in its results and its operational safety.

AirSonic™consists of four to eight high frequency ultrasonic probes installed on opposite walls of the inlet duct of your gas turbine. These probes measure the speed of sound and velocity of the air, which then is translated into Air Mass Flow Rate from flow relationships.



The accuracy of AirSonic™’s measurements is incomparable as it offers accuracy within 1% of its output readings. This level of accuracy is due to the nature of the ultrasonic sound pulse which integrates the velocity profile along the duct.

When combined with our Real Time thermodynamic performance and modeling software (AirSonic IQ), you will save time and money by

  • Isolating engine issues
  • Providing accurate water wash results
  • Helping estimate bleed flows off the compressor
  • Isolating compressor surge events
  • Calculating an independent and more accurate TIT
  • Providing exhaust gas mass flow rate
  • Locating issues in Combined Cycle configurations