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7th EVI-GTI Gas Turbine Instrumentation Conference

November 4, 2015DavidGeneralComments Off on 7th EVI-GTI Gas Turbine Instrumentation Conference

Our very own Ray Boucher presented a paper about our Real Time Power’s accurate ultrasonic Air Mass Flow Measurement system for gas turbines along with the challenged and new develops planned.  The conference was held in London November 3-5, 2015.

EVI-GTI Gas Turbine Conference brings together the global gas turbine engine test instrumentation and development community in 2015 to showcase their latest research and results to an international community of like-minded specialists.

The air mass flow rate into the compressor of a gas turbine is a key parameter for determining and predicting the performance of combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power generation units. An accurate measurement of air flow rate can be used to improve the prediction of the gas turbine generator power output at the point when the exhaust gas temperature constraint is reached, and the subsequent calculation of thermal energy flow rate into the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) improves the prediction of the steam turbine generator power output.

The direct measurement of air mass flow rate is difficult because of the complex geometry of the air intake duct, and also because of the high levels of noise, vibration and air turbulence that are present. The paper presented the experiences gained from deploying a direct ultrasonic measurement of air speed in the intake duct, which is used in combination with static pressure measurements and the results of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to produce a real-time measurement of air mass flow rate. The challenges, accuracy and benefits of ultrasonic air mass flow rate measurement was discussed using experiences gained over the last six years from 28+ field installations covering five different types of large (> 150 MW) industrial gas turbines.

For more information see our Air Mass Flow Rate Measurement for Gas Turbines.

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