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7FA Show Update

May 29, 2013DavidGeneralComments Off on 7FA Show Update


We had a great turnout at the 7FA show and thanks to all the customers who stopped by. Many customers were interested in gas turbine reliability and the advantage of measuring air mass flow rate in addition to the typical OEM unit instrumentation to give accurate predictive performance of their engine. Water wash optimization was a hot topic and we were able to show them how they can see online and offline water wash performance results in real time. Additionally, some merchant energy customers were impressed by our ability to accurately predict day ahead high and low plant loads as well by using real time unit performance in continuously adaptive models. Most of all, they liked the fact that we are able to work across their fleet of heavy duty gas turbines, regardless of OEM, thus giving them an independent verification of each units’ reliability and performance!

The top question of the night was “Why doesn’t GE do that?” Remember, at the end of the day, the OEM makes money off selling you parts, outage services, CSA’s, and LTSA’s. We do need these large OEM’s around to bring in the best gas turbine technology available. However, you can’t be the best at everything. At Real Time Power, our total focus is your units’ longevity and optimization. We know you are in the business to make money and that only happens if you have the most optimized and reliable unit possible!

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